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The Amador Community Foundation receives and administers funds from local families, individuals, businesses and organizations. Those funds are used to award grants to local charities and projects in Amador County for virtually any interest area: arts and culture, education, environment, health and human services, recreation, civic affairs, crisis assistance, historical preservation and many others.
Amador Community Foundation
Amador Community Foundation1 week ago
“A Promise to Help Each Student in our County Achieve a Higher Education”
By guest columnist Kathleen Harmon,
Executive Director, Amador Community Foundation
(Permission to re-issue, courtesy of Rick Torgerson, publisher, Upcountry News)
Amador Promise. You should rightfully ask “What is Amador Promise?” The Amador College Promise (The Promise) is a big idea and a real commitment! If you live in Amador County and attend Amador Public schools from 9th grade on, scholarship funding will be waiting for you at graduation and will help fund your first two years of college or technical school.
The Amador Promise project is still in its formative stages. Our goal is to build a scholarship endowment fund to award scholarships. We’re optimistic that through the support of Amador County residents and alumni, we’ll be able to begin awarding scholarships during the 2018-2019 school year.
The Amador College Promise program is designed to build upon and extend the generosity of existing Amador County college and technical school scholarship programs and parent/grandparent college savings efforts in order to ensure that all deserving Amador County high school students receive scholarship funding to pursue their dreams.
You don’t have to be a straight A student or a star athlete to be eligible for a scholarship in Amador County. The Promise scholarship is not need-based. Your family’s income does not factor into the decision. It is not a competitive process. If you meet the requirements, you receive a scholarship. Neither is it a limited process, as you and all of your siblings can receive it. If you can dream of a promising future and are willing to work hard to get there, the scholarship will be waiting for you.
Here is how The Promise works. All Amador County (Argonaut, Amador, and Independence/North Star) graduating seniors who have attended since 9th grade qualify. Parents do their part by supporting learning and committing to a college savings plan. Students do their part by making a commitment to stay focused, work hard in school and provide community service. The current high school requirement is ten hours per year/40 hours total.
Amador Public Schools does its part by ensuring that all TK-12 students are learning, progressing, and achieving in order to reach their full potential and graduate from high school prepared for college, career, and citizenship.
The beauty of The Promise is that it is for ALL students. We want to offer scholarships to every student who wants to attend post secondary education. So whether the graduate is a struggling to get good grades, but sees a future in a trade school or wants to continue at a junior college, or is the star of the class that has many doors open to them, it won't matter to The Promise program. We want everyone who has the desire to continue education to have help from Amador Promise.
If you’d like to be part of this exciting effort to build a lasting Amador Promise Scholarship endowment fund for future Amador County high school graduates, the Amador College Promise Steering Committee is working to raise an initial endowment fund.
For further information, please contact either Kathleen Harmon, Executive Director of the Amador Community Foundation at 209-223-2148 or Leigh Anne Catania, Amador Promise Steering Committee member at 209-245-6810.
Amador Community Foundation
Amador Community Foundation1 week ago
Interfaith Foodbank needs your recycle plastic bags for clients! They have stopped purchasing bags to make sure they can buy enough food. When you drop of your bags, how about a jar of peanut butter or some cans of tuna?
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Today is National Siblings Day. What better way to celebrate than give a gift in their honor.
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Calaveras Recovers. Building homes
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