Sutter Creek’s Historic, Industrial Crown Jewel.

The Knight Foundry, set in the heart of Sutter Creek, is America’s last water-powered foundry and machine shop. Established in 1873 by Samuel Knight, this extraordinary facility includes the unique historic equipment and machinery, still in place in its original context, just as it was during its gold rush-era heyday.


The land and buildings of the Knight Foundry complex have been donated to the City of Sutter Creek! After nearly two decades of negotiations, the City of Sutter Creek has obtained title to the Knight Foundry complex and the Knight Foundry Alliance is now in a position to forever preserve this unique asset for our community.

At long last, the Knight Foundry will be preserved forever.

In January the Knight Foundry Alliance was formed, and is working closely with the City of Sutter Creek, the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation, the Amador Community Foundation and other local organizations to launch this historic project. This group of City Council members and enthusiastic volunteers has been tasked with finalizing the transaction, and implementing urgent security and stabilization repairs.

But there’s an immediate need, and we hope we can count on you for help.

The City now owns the property and the buildings, but in order to complete the transaction the historic contents of the buildings must be purchased – the irreplaceable, invaluable and unique historic equipment and machinery that is still in place in its original context. While the contents are priceless, the owner has generously set the purchase price at $325,000. The final deadline for the purchase is October 15th but we the Knight Foundry Alliance is striving to complete this purchase by April 15th to avoid a 10% penalty on funds paid after the April date.

As a small city with limited means, the City of Sutter Creek cannot complete this purchase outright. The City simply doesn’t have the budget available to purchase the contents and stabilize the property, all while funding other City obligations. And unfortunately, the deadline is too tight to apply for grants from most foundations.

The only way to raise the money is through private donations. We cannot do this without your help.

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