Captain Encouragement

Captain Encouragement visits Amador County Schools to teach respect and anti-bullying strategies.

Nicholas Domingo, C.E.O. for Call to Inspire (AKA Captain Encouragement) conducts interactive school assemblies for K-3 students that covers social-emotional intelligence and anti-bullying strategies, with quarterly revisits to the school throughout the course of a year to help drive the message home. Call to Inspire partners with service members (law enforcement, firefighters, emergency service districts, and more) to tailor the program to the community’s unique needs.

“Some of today’s youth’s biggest role models are superheroes, and it was no different for me. I can still remember the awe I felt watching Superman battling with the forces of evil. But as I grew up, I started encountering many problems that the superheroes on TV never taught me how to solve. There are no gadgets to help you deal with getting bullied. No powers that can magically heal hurt feelings. In the comics, most obstacles were overcome by fists and willpower, but that’s not how it works in the real world. So as I was walking down the streets of L.A., I decided to just start doling out compliments to the people I walked past. As I saw their faces light up, I realized that we need a superhero who CAN deal with those complex issues. A real live hero who resolves conflict without violence; whose superpowers are infectious positivity and the ability to encourage people to do their best and spread kindness. And that is exactly what Captain Encouragement is all about.

Our goal is to perpetuate positive change in the world, starting by giving our children the tools to break the cycle of violence that is inherent in our society and the media. We need to use the world’s unprecedented inter-connectivity to wake up the new generations, and finally trade our apathy and isolation for the love and kindness of a more positive humankind.”

–Captain Encouragement (Nicholas Domingo).

Amador Community Foundation granted $5,000 to help Call to Inspire and Captain Encouragement to reach all of Amador County Elementary Schools to teach respect and anti-bullying strategies

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A 2019 update from Nicholas Domingo:

We have been making regular stops at each of the schools to conduct our revisits to reinforce the messages, I’ve attached some pictures of the revisits. We go and spend time with the students and ask the students how their training is going, talk with them about their days, listen to their problems as well as hear about everything that is going well.

We have most of the schools lined up for next year, we are now looking for one large venue to conduct a single performance for all of the schools to make it extremely exciting for the students to go on a field trip, to put more resources into on event with special lighting and effects, and also to extend the experience for each of the students by adding more acts. We are also beginning the process of looking into the busing situation next week. Collective issues we wish to address and get worked out.

We started a new program that incorporates health, nutrition, physical fitness and family friendly activities called Getting Active with Captain and Friends. We have been performing at various fairs/festivals over the spring and summer. This part of our program will allow for sustainability by having events we do outside of the school year that reaches the families as well as the students.