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Mission to grant funds to create and support local organizations as community partners in ways that generate better economic prosperity in Amador County.

Amador County Fair Foundation

Amador County Fair Foundation

The Amador County Fair Foundation is a volunteer organization formed to support and benefit the community buildings and educational projects of the Amador County Fair.

Donny tillery memorial Bike Park

Donny Tillery Memorial Bike Park

Our mission is to provide a place for kids and families to ride their bicycles at Howard Park in Ione. Through volunteers and donations, we will ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the track and host races, training, and other recreational activities for kids of all ages.

Lockwood Fire Protection District

Lockwood Fire Department Auxiliary

LFPD is made up of volunteers that provide service and protection for the Lockwood district, and with other fire departments in the surrounding areas. Our LFPD auxiliary is very active and supportive in raising funds for our hard-working volunteers to keep our community and them safe.

Pine Grove Civic Improvement Club

Pine Grove Civic Improvement Club

Pine Grove Civic Improvement Club strives to unite the inspiration and enterprises of the people of this district to promote education, moral, social, and civic measures, community improvement, and betterment of the Community known as Pine Grove. Unite the members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.

Shenandoah Community Club

Shenandoah Community Club

Community residents and volunteers fostering community and education since 1953 anchored by a one-room historic schoolhouse in Plymouth, CA.

Small Change for Big

$mall ¢hange 4 BIG

$mall ¢hange 4 BIG provides innovative direct services to those in need creatively responding to gaps in services impacting the physical, emotional, economic, and social wellbeing of our foothill neighbors.