Diamond-Price Fund


Amador Community Foundation pays attention to the community and invests in needs as they arise, so the Diamond-Price Fund is helping where it is needed most.

Bill and Candace Wanted to Streamline their Giving

Bill and Candace support a variety of local charitable organizations, and wished to streamline the process, so they set up a Field of Interest fund through Amador Community Foundation. They prioritized their giving goals toward community, environment, and wildlife, and with automatic monthly bank withdrawals, 100% of their contributions are made seamlessly, as needs arise, to those who need it most.




“The Amador Community Foundation provides us an effective means of supporting a variety of local charitable organizations. We are confident that our donations are distributed in accordance with our priorities. The Board and staff are knowledgeable about many local needs and programs. End of year reports are timely, providing complete documentation for tax purposes.

We come from long careers in private and public service, so we understand current challenges in providing services and necessities to our neighbors, the environment, and wildlife.Β Β  We encourage anyone who supports local charities to partner with ACF.”

–Diamond-Price Fund

Monarch Bag Collection 2015

Monarch Montessori School Collecting paper bags for the Interfaith Food Bank.

“Faith comes from the heart and it is shown in many different ways. It’s not how much you give, what you give or how you give it when you give from your heart. Paper bags are just one of the many operational expenses that are needed to help feed over 6,100 Amador County residents suffering from food insecurity. I’d rather purchase food than paper bags.”

–Thomas Thompson, Executive Director
Interfaith Council of Amador
Interfaith Food Bank