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Eva Clymer Memorial Fund Pushes to build a Sensory playground at Argonaut High School.

Heartfelt mission to build a safe play space for children with special needs is at the heart of the Eva Clymer Memorial Fund. Fiscally managed by the Amador Community Foundation, the Clymer Family established the fund in honor of their daughter Eva Clymer who enjoyed running and playing on swings.

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Thank You for your Support through the Amador Community Foundation

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These funds are for the expressed purpose of completing the Eva Clymer Sensory Playground, creating a safe play space for children with special needs.

Eva Clymer Memorial FundEva Breton Clymer was born September 15, 2015 to a very joyful family awaiting her arrival. Just prior to discharge from the hospital, the family was advised there may be complications which was a difficult shock in itself after a very healthy and otherwise uneventful full-term pregnancy. Within a few weeks, these complications became apparent as Eva was failing to thrive and was back in the hospital. After many ups and downs in the first year of life and a long-awaited genetic test result, the family learned Eva was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition identified as DYRK1A Intellectual Disability Syndrome, which is a mutation of the DYRK1A gene we all have and often take for granted, causing Eva to have gross motor and speech delays, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, feeding difficulties and intellectual impairment. Globally, she was the 87th individual to be diagnosed. Through a supportive team of therapists and the enrichment of the Little Ponies Preschool, Eva was thriving. She lit up as she approached school every day and loved to spend her days with her teacher Rose and the Little Ponies staff. On October 14th, 2019, after a brief beginning to her second year of school, Eva passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in her sleep. Rose Outland, of Little Ponies, thoughtfully presented the idea of a memorial project to the family to honor Eva’s beautiful spirit in the form of a sensory focused playground which will feature a safe flat surface for children of all abilities to run and play on, as well as a swing feature. The new playground will be located at Argonaut High School next to the Little Ponies Preschool with visible walkway access across from the classroom and visible from Argonaut Lane.

Although Science is still learning about the changes in the DRYK1A gene, this newly identified condition can cause intellectual impairment, global delay, epilepsy, language impairment, subtle differences in facial features and a variety of other challenges.

All donations to the Eva Clymer Memorial Fund go directly to this project creating a sensory playground that can be enjoyed by children that are excluded from safely experiencing traditional playground activities due to challenges with hearing, sight, mobility and other physical functions that require special assistance.

We have been so fortunate to have received a great gift from Eva’s preschool teacher who came up with the idea to build a memorial playground in her honor,” says Nicolette Clymer, mother of young Eva. “We hope that Eva’s playground will offer an opportunity for children of all abilities to run and to feel the joy a playground is meant to offer a child while giving parents and staff the peace of mind that their child is safe.”

We invite you to join us in this final push to create the Eva Clymer Sensory Playground through tax-deductible donations through the Amador Community Foundation.