What is the Amador Community Foundation?

The Amador Community Foundation is a publicly supported tax exempt 501©3 organization. We use donated funds to support all areas of the local nonprofit community. We are established and operated as a permanent collection of endowed funds and spendable funds for the long-term benefit of Amador County.

To whom is the Amador Community Foundation accountable?

The Amador Community Foundation files an annual return with the IRS which is a publicly available document.  A state information return is also publicly available.  The Foundation is primarily accountable to the people of Amador County.

How does the Amador Community Foundation invest its assets?

The Amador Community Foundation retains an investment firm that has over 25 years of proven expertise in portfolio return. We maintain conservative investment practices and prudent oversite to ensure our donor dollars get the highest return on investment.

How does the Foundation obtain funds?

The Amador Community Foundation actively seeks contributions of permanent endowment funds from a wide range of donors who are generally residents of the area and provides assistance to those donors in fulfilling their philanthropic interests.  The Foundation may also write grants for funds from private and family foundations.  For example, the Amador Community Foundation was awarded a matching grant from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.  For every endowment dollar raised the Packard Foundation matched it one for one.

Can Amador Community Foundation accept donations other than gifts?

Yes – The Amador Community Foundation can accept gifts of appreciated securities, real property, retirement distributions, insurance proceeds and in some cases personal property. We can be named as the beneficiary in a will or trust or life insurance. The Amador Community Foundation offers the maximum charitable deduction allowed by law for estate, gift planning and all other donations and is able to work directly with professionals providing financial and legal expertise.

Who receives grants from the Amador Community Foundation?

The Amador Community Foundation has established guidelines and processes for distributing grants.  Unrestricted funds are awarded in a competitive process and restricted grants are awarded to organizations or areas of interest designated by the donor.  Grant guidelines and application are available at our website or from by calling the office at 209-223-2148.

What happens if the Amador Community Foundation ceases to exist?

Donor intent will always be followed and are irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes. In the event ACF can no longer manage its funds, these funds will be transferred to a neighboring foundation to manage as the donor intended.

What’s the difference between the United Way and the Amador Community Foundation?

The Amador Community Foundation uses the funds donated by individuals, associations or businesses to support all areas of the local community – including animal welfare, arts and culture, community development, education, health and human services, youth, and seniors.

The United Way typically serves only its member agencies, a small percentage of the total health and human services organizations in our community.

How long does it take to establish a fund?

It is a simple process involving a meeting with a representative of the Amador Community Foundation and the donor to review the fund agreement form and determine the donor’s desires and the most suitable way to accomplish them.  Once the donor and other appropriate counselors of the donor approve the fund agreement form, the initial contribution is made and the fund is established.  Generally, the fund needs to be approved and accepted by the board of the Amador Community Foundation at its next meeting.

How does the Amador Community Foundation help our community beyond making grants?

The Amador Community Foundation also provides leadership on community issues by serving as a facilitator, convener or mediator around significant community discussions.  As staffing allows, we may also provide technical advice to community organizations in the grant preparation process.