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The new Giles Turner Alumni Fund has been established to supplement the Drama programs at Amador High School.

Funds will be distributed as follows:

1. Annual scholarship to a graduating Amador High School senior who has studied for at least three years in Giles Turner’s program, has a GPA of at least 3.5, and is pursuing theatre in college.
2. Small stipends awarded to current Amador High School drama students in financial need, for the purchase of dance supplies, theater makeup, costumes, etc.
3. Awards to Giles Turner’s program in times when financial needs cannot be met by his department alone.

About Giles Turner:

(Excerpts from Amador Arts 2013 Facebook post honoring Giles Turner)

Amador High School Drama Teacher Giles Turner, has served and supported the arts and students of Amador High School for over 55 years. Giles has been an icon of the arts ever since he moved to Amador County after growing up in San Francisco, attending St. Ignatius High School and teaching briefly in Loyalton. He’s built an award winning “Drama Dynasty” at Amador High School famous throughout the state. Years ago he started the Mother Lode Drama Festival in which schools across northern/central California compete in solo and duo acting, as well as one-acts and vocal. Thanks to Giles, each year Amador Drama competes in the famed 3-day Lenaea Theatre Festival, one of the largest of its kind in the country welcoming 50 West coast high schools. In 2013, Amador Drama took home a gold medal for student director and best original one-act, as well as silver one-act performance and a bronze for duo acting. He and Rand Huggett work together in his Stagecraft class to design and paint many of the beautiful sets that complement his drama productions which are shows throughout the year including: solo acting, duo acting, winter musical, student written one-act, spring show, beginning drama one-acts, and the final show of the year, Revue, a variety show.

His voice has been a familiar sound on Hometown Radio for years where he hosts a Radio Sports Show announcing high school game results and more. He has a long and current history of announcing at parades and public events in the county. Giles was long-time yearbook adviser and he also published the school paper for many years.

It’s no wonder Giles has an incredible public following which has resulted in a fundraising network that continues to finance his drama programs. One example of many is the annual Jug and Rose Race in Volcano. Another is the Broadway Dinner he puts on at Immaculate Conception Hall every year. He collaborates with other departments at Amador High School, like culinary and floral, to showcase the upcoming productions.

As one of the founding members of the Amador Schools Arts Foundation, Giles collaborated with Argonaut High School and other departments at Amador High School to put on the Cabaret event for about six years. Giles is a man of many more talents! He still runs in races and also teaches a boxing class at New York Fitness. He is involved with Main Street Theater Works and has performed in many productions; the list is impressive and quite ambitious. Many other community shows are put on through the Amador Theater Department.

Amador Arts named him Arts Patron of the Year in 2002.

He remains very modest and doesn’t draw attention to himself, only to the accomplishments of his students. Giles is married to Shirley and he has two daughters. BRAVO for Giles Turner!