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Funds provide ongoing support for essential health and resource programs, food sustenance, hospice, rehabilitation and mental health for residents Amador County residents.

Autism for All – Autistic Children and Family Support

Raising Autism Awareness and supporting needed services for families affected by Autism in Amador County. DONATE NOW

Breastfeeding Coalition

Education and support for moms who breastfeed. DONATE NOW

Burning Bush Ministries

Creates gift bags for those in need of a loving touch (long-term care facilities, assisted living, etc) and provides visitations and worship services for those who are no longer able to attend a service. DONATE NOW

Children and Families

Targeting specific needs of children in Amador county assisting First-5 programs. DONATE NOW


Benefitting Operation care, Tri-County Wildlife, Amador County Library, Meals on Wheels, the Interfaith Food Bank and other nonprofits as designated by the donor.

John Silva on bike adventure

John Silva’s Give Back Adventures – Funds raised in 2021

Great Mountain Divide Bikeride of 3,000 miles to increase awareness and raise money for victims of domestic violence and their families. DONATE NOW

Project Lifesaver – Wanderer Program sponsored by Sheriff’s Department

Contributions supporting the purchase of Project Lifesaver equipment allowing Amador County Sheriff’s personnel and Search & Rescue to locate & rescue “at risk” individuals with cognitive disorders who are at risk of life-threatening behavior of wandering. DONATE NOW

Pulskamp Endowment

Providing funds that support social justice in Amador County.

The Shingles Fund

Assistance for low-income seniors to obtain a Shingles Vaccine

Sutter Amador Hospital

Provides health care services and programs for Amador County residents. DONATE NOW

Sutter Amador Hospital Patient Care

Benefits patients with special needs for financial assistance for health care services. DONATE NOW

Sutter Creek Smiles

Sutter Creek Smiles

To provide a financial resource for emergency and urgent care to those children who do not qualify for aid available through traditional sources.  Through dental care for these children, we intend to foster improved overall health, self-confidence, and the enhanced ability to focus while in the classroom.  In addition, as funds allow, assist with other needs as they arise in the community.DONATE NOW