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Historical preservation funds are held to support the maintenance and projects of historical pride in Amador County.

Amador Historical Preservation

Amador County Historical Preservation

The Amador County Historical Preservation Fund’s purpose is to preserve historical sites in Amador County. They are currently raising money to restore and preserve Tailing Wheel #1 in Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park. Once that project is complete, they will look for another historical site to preserve. Donate Now

Amador County Historical Society

Amador County Historical Society

The Society shall acquire, preserve, and make accessible historical items about Amador County, and educate, encourage and enlist its citizens to preserve our history. Amador County Historical Society is currently raising funds to construct a new Livery Stable Building at the Museum which is operated by ACHS. The new building will become an exciting new attraction at the museum, housing freight and buckboard wagons, carriages and buggies, blacksmithing tools and other historic equipment.”

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friends of the historical jackson

Friends of the Historical Jackson Cemetery

The Friends of the Historical Jackson Cemetery aim to help preserve and maintain the historical integrity and appearance of our Jackson Historical Cemetery, to honor past generations and provide a safe and satisfying place for loved ones visit.

Jackson Beautification Fund

Jackson Beautification Project

The goal of the Jackson Beautification fund is to work in cooperation with the City of Jackson to restore and beautify the historical downtown Jackson Main Street. The committee has several projects in mind to accomplish and is hoping to meet these goals head on. Currently, the beautification has partnered with the mayor, Steve McClean, to build an Arch at the beginning of Main Street. Donate Now.

Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

Focus on renovation and preservation of historic sites in Sutter Creek.

Willow Springs School House Restoration

Restoration of historic school located at the corner of Highway 16 & Demartini Road. DONATE NOW