Disaster Relief

disaster relief photoIn response to the Butte Fire in 2015, the Community Foundation established the Community Disaster Relief Fund.  The fund was established with a gift from the Crew Family Endowment Fund.  First and foremost, the fund will provide assistance to the families, nonprofits and organizations impacted by the Butte Fire.

The Community Foundation has a history of helping Amador County nonprofits and organizations and will be able to deliver monetary assistance efficiently and effectively.

With respect to the other fires and natural disasters that have affected our community, the fund will remain in place in order to provide future assistance should the need arise again.


How will the money be used?
  • The Community Foundation will work with nonprofit and government stakeholders to ensure that funds flow quickly to those most in need and establish safeguards to secure proper distribution of the funds.  This will be a two-step process:
    1. Short-term support: funds for immediate relief will be distributed to food, shelter, animal, health, and/or to large scale relief agencies to provide such support.
    2. Long-term support: funds for long-term relief will be distributed towards rebuilding and recovery efforts to reestablish residency or for relocation.
    3. If you are a nonprofit in need of funds to provide fire relief services, please fill out the Request for Assistance form.

Can individuals receive money from the Foundation?

  • If you are an individual in need of immediate assistance please contact the Crisis Center at the Resource Connection 754-1300.

What about fees?

  • In regards to fees, we decided to make an exception for this fund and significantly reduce administrative fees to 2%.
  • Donated funds for the Butte Fire will go directly to provide assistance and fund recovery efforts in both Amador and Calaveras Counties.
  • The Foundation is not able to assume credit card fees; to avoid this donors may mail a check.

Make payable to: Amador Community Foundation – Memo – Community Disaster Relief Fund

Mail to: Amador Community Foundation
148 Main Street
Jackson, CA 95642