Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson Loved Children

She bequeathed her children’s books to the Amador Community Foundation, to benefit children’s education.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt age 99, Ruth Montgomery Jackson published the first book in a series of children’s books based on her years of working with children as a speech pathologist.

Upon her death at just shy of age 101, she bequeathed her books to the Amador Community Foundation, to benefit children’s education.  One of Ruth’s passions was educating young minds.  She derived great pleasure from being around children and sharing her many gifts with others.  Ruth left a lasting impression on the lucky people who knew her and a legacy to those who read her books.

Ruth was the director of speech, language and hearing for the Palo Alto Unified School District and conducted lectures and workshops on speech and language for colleges and professional organizations.  Her career in this field was ground-breaking as was her approach to teaching deaf children how to speak, not just to use sign language.

Although not born in Amador County, Ruth quickly became involved in the community after moving here in 1993.  She was a member of the Sutter Creek Woman’s Club, the Progressive Women’s Committee and the Friends of the Amador County Library. Ruth’s legacy will live on through her bequest to the Amador Community Foundation.

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Each book contains three children’s stories with a purpose. Animal friends who encounter challenges can teach us lessons in very specific ways. After each story there’s a page “What do you think?” for suggested activities that can be used by teachers or parents.


A Bit Of Magic with Wee Willie and Double Trouble

“A Bit of Magic” is about what Magic did to all creatures in the forest where they live. It was a very upsetting time for them as they turned against each other and it greatly affected the children.

“Wee Willie” is so curious, and is always asking what, why, how, and he goes on a quest to find out the answer on “what’s the wind?”

“Double-Trouble” is about a boy who does not listen, he does not know what is happening and gives the excuse “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” He has a dream that for him is double-trouble.


Whimsical Whims

“Trouble In Nursery Rhyme Land”  A rebellion amongst the storybook characters threatens to change Nursery Land forever. Can this problem be solved?

“A Lazy-Zazy Bee” A rambunctious Lazy-Zazy Bee amuses everyone with his playful antics. We learn about hardworking bees, to be careful and not be stung!

“Topsy Turvy” Roger spends an afternoon lying on a bench in the garden. While staring at the clouds he imagines humorous twists on everyday chores.