At long last, the Knight Foundry will be preserved forever for our community.

In January 2017 the Knight Foundry Alliance was formed, and is working closely with the City of Sutter Creek, the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation, the Amador Community Foundation, and other local organizations to launch this historic project. This group of City Council members and enthusiastic volunteers has been tasked with implementing urgent security and stabilization repairs.

But there’s an ongoing need, and we hope we can count on you for help.

As a small city with limited means, the City of Sutter Creek cannot complete this restoration outright. The City simply doesn’t have the budget available to stabilize the property and create a world-class educational facility and museum, all while funding other City obligations.


Please help us preserve and restore the historic Knight Foundry. After an unprecedented fundraising effort the City of Sutter Creek can proudly say that it owns the property, the buildings, and the contents of this historic jewel. Now the real work is under way to reach our long-term goal: to turn Knight Foundry into a world-class interactive museum and educational center. The irreplaceable, invaluable, and unique historic equipment and machinery that is still in place in its original context is being cleaned, catalogued, and restored. Your donation of any amount will make a positive difference to current and future generations. Please help.

If Knight Foundry is lost, along with it go technologies that may never be replicated.

Your donations will help preserve and protect this industrial crown jewel, the Historic Knight Foundry. The Knight Foundry Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Amador Community Foundation, tax ID #68-0447992. Donations will be eligible for all applicable tax deductions.


GOLD $25,000
SILVER $10,000
BRONZE $1,000
IRON $500

While these are suggested donations, we are grateful for donations in any amount.


Help support the transformation of Knight Foundry into a world-class industrial museum and educational facility. Whether you live around the corner or thousands of miles away, you can participate in one of the most significant and historic industrial restoration projects in recent history.

As a member, you’ll be an integral part of Knight Foundry’s future. Your support will help meet the costs of restoration, operation, and educational programming, and besides the special benefits at each membership you’ll receive news, announcements, and event invitations.

Thank you for your support of this Industrial Heritage treasure!To learn more visit or contact Knight Foundry Alliance at or 209-560-6160.

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