Grant Programs

Our grants are made possible through the contributions of individual donors and nonprofit donor funds managed by the Community Foundation. Some are driven by the charitable interests of our donors, and others come from our unrestricted funds that allow us to operate at our most strategic level, investing in needs as they change over time, advancing long-term strategic goals, and taking on key leadership roles.

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity projects, emerging ventures, urgent needs and other time-sensitive efforts where a small amount of money will make a big difference. Opportunity Grants are not to exceed $1000. Grants (formerly known as Mini-Grants) are small grants which address a wider spectrum of needs including organizational development.

Community Impact Grants

Community Impact Grants address critical issues and opportunities in four primary areas that advance ACF’s mission and vision for Amador County. Community Impact Grants are not to exceed $10,000. The four major program areas are:

(Grants are only available to non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status)