Thank you for raising over $13,000 from community members!

The Sutter Creek City Council recognizes and appreciates the dedication and importance of its hardworking business community. When times are good we all thrive, and the symbiotic relationship between the City and its businesses is real and palpable. But when the chips are down due to circumstances beyond our control, the City and its businesses share the pain equally. There is a direct link between the strength & vitality of its businesses and the health and well-being of the City’s residents.

In response to the economic effects the COVID-19 pandemic has exacted on its business community, the City has developed a grass-roots program to provide financial assistance to suffering businesses during these times of uncertainty. The Sutter Creek Small Business Relief Program is a collaboration between the City of Sutter Creek and the Amador Community Foundation which solicits donations and contributions and distributes them in the form of forgivable no- interest, no-payment loans to struggling businesses that meet the program’s goals and eligibility criteria.

The program’s goal is simple and straight-forward: to identify and assist financially, to the extent possible, Sutter Creek small businesses that have been materially affected by mandatory stay-at-home orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic.