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Giving Circles

A giving circle is a form of participatory community philanthropy where groups of individuals with a common cause donate their own money and time to a pooled fund. The group decides together what charity or community projects should be funded from this pooled fund thus increasing their awareness and community engagement for local causes. Setting up the management of a non-profit is overwhelming and cost-prohibitive for a small group. Amador Community Foundation fulfills this managerial role providing an umbrella under which a giving circle can focus on the intent of philanthropy and receive tax-deductible contributions.

Sutter Creek Smiles was the first of our Giving Circles with the Amador Community Foundation.

Each month a group of women familiar with dental/orthodontia services met casually to contribute to a good cause and became inspired with a greater vision to create Sutter Creek Smiles, a financial resource for dental care for children who do not qualify for aid available through traditional sources. Through dental care, the organization fostered improved overall health, self confidence and the child’s enhanced ability to focus in the classroom.

Since 2007, Amador Community Foundation has granted over $70,000 from Sutter Creek Smiles Fund serving local children with full orthodontic treatment, dental screenings and fluoride treatments in local schools. Through this simple way of fundraising, Sutter Creek Smiles has improved the lives of countless numbers of children in our community.

Utilizing the services of Amador Community Foundation as the fiscal sponsor allowed this Giving Circle to really make a difference.

If you are interested in starting your own Giving Circle and want more information, please CONTACT US.